Ignition Go


Your Web Root should be set to the public folder,but it's not. It's pointing to the Root folder.

Here is an example entry to set up in Apache if your folder is myigosite:
<VirtualHost *:80>
    DocumentRoot "[...]/htdocs/myigosite/public"
    ServerName myigosite
    ServerAlias myigosite.local

Here are the install instructions, in case you missed them or still need them:

  1. Install NPM node.js: package manager for node modules

  2. GIT clone this repository
    Example: git clone https://github.com/ci-blox/Ignition-Go.git myigosite

  3. Change directory to new site/web app root
    Example: cd myigosite

  4. Install Bower bower: manager for bower components
    Type: npm install -g bower

  5. Install all the NPM and bower components
    Type: npm install then
    Type: bower install

  6. Install and run 'gulp' (note that gulp will run continuously in 'watch' mode, watching for css and js changes).
    Type: npm install gulp then
    EITHER type: gulp OR.. type: gulp serve

  7. (Optional) In Apache, map the public folder to localhost or other url Example: in your httpd-vhosts.conf file, add new section and restart Apache

  8. Create an empty mysql db Example: use HeidiSQL and create both a database and a user with privileges to new database

  9. Go to http://[your web root from step 5]/install/init in your browser to finish using install wizard eg if you had created virtual host myigosite.local, then go to http://myigosite.local/install/init in your browser